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For demanding applications or for situations where you want complete control of the hardware, software and data, we recommend bulk CSV/ZIP downloads via FTP or HTTP. You can then host, manipulate and query the data in any way that you choose.

To use our CSV feed, you'll need to instruct your software engineer to set up a fully automated, recurring, FTP download and CSV import to your own sql server. Once our data is on your server, you'll need to program your other systems (for example your web server) to make queries and display results.

It is worth noting that
ABTA and the Office of Fair Trading have stated that web sites must now display the full price of all flights and holidays including all compulsory supplements. For your convenience, we do all the hard work, calculating and adding every missing charge from operators including APD, Fuel supplements, TOD, ASL etc, to give you a final compliant selling price.

If you have any technical or commercial questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Price List
We charge according to how often you would like your data refreshed...
Refreshed data at 10am and 4pm only
200 per month
Refreshed data every 2 hours 8am-6pm
plus every 4 hours at other times
300 per month
Refreshed data every hour 8am-6pm
plus every 4 hours at other times
400 per month
There is also a one off setup fee of 150 which covers all technical liasion, advice and support to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.
All services exclude VAT and are invoiced quarterly in advance. The minimum contract and notice period is 3 months.
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