Data Overview:

Our Charter Flight and Package Holiday data is considered to be amongst the finest in the industry and is used by travel agencies, web sites, homeworkers and tour operators alike.

At any time, we typically offer over 2 million prices from more than 30 tour operators covering departures up to 18 months ahead. All data is frequently updated, stamped with a "valid as at" date and time and never older than "yesterday".

The Airscan database may be used to power your own web site although if you simply want to find the best deals from your desktop then our software product, Airscan is quick and easy to use.

Data FAQ:

How often does Airscan update its data?
The moment an update arrives from an operator, it is processed and made available for the next release of our master database. Between 8am and 6pm, we release master databases at least hourly, often every 30 minutes. During the evening, night and early morning, master databases are released every 3-4 hours.

How often do the operators send updates?
Some operators produce updates every 20 minutes, some every hour, some every 3 hours and some just once or twice per day. Lates data (which can be between 6 and 26 weeks from departure) is generally fed to us more often than future season data. Some operators do not produce updates on a Sunday.

Does Airscan include all compulsory supplements as per ABTA/OFT requirements?
Yes, we do all the hard work, calculating and adding every missing charge from operators including APD, Fuel supplements, TOD, ASL etc, to give you a final compliant selling price.

Data Supply:

Our database is available to power your web site, your internal systems or feed data to advertising mediums such as teletext and We offer two access methods, each has different advantages depending on your own requirements, preferences and resources.
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Airscan software allows travel agents to quickly locate the best deals!
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Airscan data can be used to power your website, inhouse system or advertising medium such as Teletext!