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Data - SQL Access
If you don't want the trouble and expense of setting up and maintaining your own data/sql server or if you don't have the expertise readily available, why not use ours?

Our SQL Access system is ideal for dealing with enquiries from web sites and offers complete flexibility. To use this system, you simply need to construct and send a SQL query from your application to our server, receive the results and display them in any way you choose.

It is worth noting that ABTA and the Office of Fair Trading have stated that web sites must now display the full price of all flights and holidays including all compulsory supplements. For your convenience, we do all the hard work, calculating and adding every missing charge from operators including APD, Fuel supplements, TOD, ASL etc, to give you a final compliant selling price.

If you have any technical or commercial questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Price List
We charge according to the maximum number of queries you will send to us in any hour...
Low usage - Up to 120 queries per hour
ie average 1 query every query 30 seconds
250 per month
Medium Usage - Up to 600 queries per hour
ie average 1 query every 6 seconds
350 per month
High Usage - Up to 3600 queries per hour
ie average 1 query per second
500 per month
All services exclude VAT and are invoiced quarterly in advance. The minimum contract and notice period is 3 months.
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Airscan software allows travel agents to quickly locate the best deals!
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Airscan data can be used to power your website, inhouse system or advertising medium such as Teletext!
There is also a one off setup fee of 150 which covers all technical liasion, advice and support to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.